Timing and Strength

The other day I was thinking back to one of the first patients I ever had after accepting my first job at an independently owned orthopedic clinic.  She was a larger woman who had hurt her back at work 15 years ago, and was coming in for an acute exacerbation, again at work.  I was […]


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Does it Matter?

Hello everyone.  A recent post on a social media site had me pondering today about our profession and what we actually do for people on a physical and biopsychosocial level.  In summary: the post was asking the collective hive-mind about a patient a particular student or clinician was having difficulty with.  The variety of answers […]

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What Is Wrong With Me?

We humans are always looking for a scapegoat.  What can I blame for my current situation?  How is this NOT my fault?  What could YOU have done differently to prevent this? This concept is applied to various topics including home life, sports, and is apparent in physical therapy as well.  The phone isn’t on the hook, […]

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